CD11 The Maypole CD

CD11 The Maypole CD

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CD11 The Maypole CD
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Track Listing:
1. Catharis - 6x32 bar reels. Suitable for Circling, Water Wheel, Easter Plait, Circassian Circle
2. West Country Polkas - 8x32 bar Polkas. Suitable for Chrysanthemum, Single & Double Plait, Pat a cake polka
3. Jigs with a twist - 9x32 bar jigs. Suitable for Barber's Pole, Single Plait, Twister
4. Hoe Down Maypole - 6x32 bar reels. Suitable for Silkstream (1), Spiders Web, Water Wheel
5. Juice of Barley - 4x24 bar jigs. Suitable for Silkstream (2)
6. Polka Swing - 6x32 bar polka. Suitable for Chrysanthemum, Jacobs ladder
7. Irish Waves - 3x32 and 3x48 jigs. Suitable for Double Plait, Twister, Easter Plait
8. Cosgill's Pipes - 8x16 bar Hornpipes. Suitable for Cobweb, Spiders Web
9. Sweet May Jigs - 5x48 bar jigs. Suitable for Barber's Pole, Ropes
10. Ark Lark - 8x16 bar Polka. Suitable for Pat a cake Polka, Ark Lark
11. Clog Brawle - 5x16 bar. Suitable for Clog Brawle or something creative
12. Washerwoman's Brawle - 8x20. Suitable Sellenger's Round
13. Sellenger's Round - 4x24 bar jigs. Suitable Sellenger's Round
14. Full Metal Maypole - Degies description. Suitable for Helter Skelter

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